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A museum of video-games ?
Seriously ?

Origin of the video game market

The Birth

The first video game console marketed is the Odyssey by Magnavox. It was in 1972.
It is also the year of birth of Jérôme, the director of the museum.
If the first objects of the videoludic universe are not familiar to him from their release, he follows with curiosity, fun and passion the evolution or even the revolution that is taking place before his eyes.
Pong, the first game cartridges, the Atari 2600 which reveals the first video game ``stars`` (Q-Bert, Mr. and Miss Pac-Man, Centipede, Donkey Kong, Mario, Space Invaders, ...), Videopac, intellivision are the first steps in a race for technology and fun that seems limitless ...
History of the museum

The Collection

At a time when video games are perceived as a fashion accessory or a simple consumer good (as at the origin of every revolution), Jérôme begins to collect consoles, games, accessories and derivative objects related to video games. Without speculation or any particular search for rare objects, he especially preserves objects which testify to creativity, daring or an attempt often ahead of its time.
The idea behind the collection is not what is the value of each object but what story that object tells.
And that's what we wanted to share.
Sharing the passion

Events & Festival

Ludus Institut is an association whose object is the promotion and sharing of the video game heritage notably through the collection. Ludus takes part in the most important cultural events in Strasbourg and Brussels including the comic strip festival, made in Asia, the Artefacts, the Ososphere, the European Fantastic Film Festival in Strasbourg and the Indium Game Contest that he co- organizes (Thematic exhibition, conference, competition ...) and much more ...
Ludus Events, the new entity dedicated to festivals, is creating its own event, the Start To Play Festival, which is becoming more and more important and is opening up to e-sport.
Ludus Mario
A school for video game developer

Ludus Académie

In order to create a new generation of developers, we have created a specialized school.
If most video game training courses are oriented graphics or animation, Ludus Academy is a school oriented development techniques.
To meet the exponential demand for serious game3, it offers training including game mechanics in support of computer development practices on the Internet, computers and consoles.
The opening of the initial training was announced by Ludus Institut in March 2012.
Ludus Académie is a private higher education school for the development of video games and serious games located in Strasbourg and since 2013 in Brussels.
This is the first school dedicated to serious gaming. The future is on.
Pixel Museum Schiltigheim
A real museum for video games

Pixel Museum Strasbourg

The Pixel Museum, ``museum of video games, connected leisure activities and video game art``, opens in Schiltigheim near Strasbourg in a former center for disabled children.
This is the first sustainable initiative of its kind in France.
Neon-lit arcade room with terminals and pinball machine, 250 machines, consoles, computers, photomontages and graffiti by local artists, in tribute to the superheroes and mascots Sonic and Super Mario: the museum offers a complete immersion in this world of culture popular.
The Alsatian museum is permanently closing in Schiltigheim in July 2020 because we cannot guarantee the safety of visitors.
We hope for an early reopening in Strasbourg.
A new belgian museum

Pixel Museum Brussels

In the meantime, the Pixel Museum continues its development by opening in Brussels, the second European capital.
On the magnificent Tour & Taxis site.
While waiting to arrive in its final configuration, the museum opens temporarily in the customs hotel.
This second museum will allow the sharing of exhibits and more interactivity.
Tour et Taxis
Definitive Location

New step

Since June 2021, the Pixel Museum Brussels has take up its permanent quarters in the Sheds of Tour and Taxis. Bigger
More fun
More interactive
More welcoming. With the arrival of the 9th generation consoles, we will continue to present, protect and conserve the great history of video games.

Tue ‒ Thu: 09am ‒ 07pm
Fri ‒ Mon: 09am ‒ 05pm

Adults: $25
Children & Students free

673 12 Constitution Lane Massillon
781-562-9355, 781-727-6090